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Darroze – armagnac tasting

Life gets weird sometimes. I had the pleasure of exchanging a few words with Marc Darroze, the producer and person of the world of armagnacs, before I even tried his products. Several months have passed and I am in touch with Darroze again. This time, however, it is about the armagnacs themselves, which is what […]

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Chateau Garreau – armagnac tasting

I continue my journey through Gascony. Let’s leave the duel between cognacs and armaniacs for a moment. This time my taste buds are wandering to the heart of Armagnac land, namely Chateau Garreau. History Behind every product, behind every created composition enclosed in a glass bottle, lies the history of the place and people. In […]

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Cognac vs. Armagnac – great test vol. 2

This is a continuation of my test. This time we will have another skirmish between V.S.’s and one round boxing match in the V.S.O.P. category. ABK6 VS Pure Single versus Armagnac de Montal Special Reserve (VS on the back label) At first ABK6 VS cognac. Nose: intensely citrus, not very volatile, well hidden alcohol, lime, […]

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Cognac vs Armagnac – great test vol. 1

I would like to say that cognacs and armagnacs are often confused with each other. The truth, however, is somewhat painful to the disadvantage of the latter. Everyone has probably heard about cognac, but almost nobody has heard of armagnacs. I feel obliged to make a small comparison. What connects these two French brandies ? […]

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Marc Darroze – master outlook on armagnac

Each industry has its visionaries, inspiring individuals, charismatic leaders pushing to action both those who are in doubt and those who experience moments of weakness. The world of rum is inspired by people such as Luca Gargano, Richard Seale and Joy Spence. When it comes to whiskey, I bet on Billy Walker. For armagnac this […]

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Armagnac- Lauvia vs Marquis de Montesquiou – tasting

This time my post will have slightly different formula. Visiting a magnificent bar (about which later) located in the city center of Warsaw, with a really rich offer, I decided to conduct a spectacular clash of flavors. I selected Lauvia (first vintage armagnac on the blog) and Marquis de Montesquiou (so-called fine armagnac). Lauvia 1990 […]

Armagnac- Cles des Ducs V.S.O.P. – tasting

After a short break caused by sinusitis I carried out another tasting. This time I tried a younger armagnac classified as V.S.O.P.The production of Cles des Ducs is historically connected with a small town of Panjas in Gers department. Master distiller Paul Baylac began production in 1774 and the distrillery is still working. About distillery. […]

Armagnac – Castarede XO – tasting

To get more familiar with Castarede I highly recommend visiting the official site at: www.armagnac-castarede.frThere’s a lot of information given in French, English and Chinese. Label. Very shapely and elegant label which however does not contain much information. In this case we are dealing with an XO armagnac. As I do not have access to […]