Armagnac – Larressingle XO – tasting

As in case of the previous armagnac the Web is not full of detailed information about this bottle. Even the manufacturer’s website does not help much. The producer of Larressingle XO is a family company Armagnacs Larressingle founded in 1837. That’s all when it comes to official website. Thus, after searching the Web for a […]

Armagnac – Baron de Castelneau 10 Ans d’age

First tasting note at my blog I dedicate to 10yo armagnac Baron de Castelneau. I could not fin much information about this speciffic bottle at Web so let’s just go straight and analyze the label. Label content. “Napoleon” is an age statement of a drink but not widely used among armagnacs. The “Napoleon” sign is […]

Armagnac – what’s it all about

It would be an amazing experience to rewrite and reshape the content gathered at (in English, French and Russian). Thus, I believe the original information is always best. If you are interested in history and classification of armagnac I wish you a pleasent reading at the abovementioned site. Finally I hope to see you […]

Let’s go!

I am just starting an adventure with armagnacs. It does sound quite mysterious, but certainly better than a loud shout “I will drink French brandy – beginnig today!”. In any case, this is exactly what armagnacs are – brandy or rather wine distillates, and my palate simply wanted to experience something new. I consider myself […]